BioBreathing App Reviews

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Great tool for breathing

Helps me relax

Incorrect timing

I have been using this app for few months. I used it for research purposes and experiments. But today i found out that the timing it provides is completely incorrect. For 6 seconds bpm , actually bpm was 6.8.. After testing for long time intervals .. Nearly all timings are not accurate.


Not biofeedback app. There is no feedback. Belly bio is much better.

Audio doesn't work

I like the app, but I'd like to be able to go longer than 10 seconds on an inhale or an exhale. The mute/audio button isn't working.

Very simple and useful

This is a great way to pace the breathing. Very simple but effective. Like a few other reviewers have noted, some additions would be nice in the next update - different sounds, hold breath feature (aren't we supposed to do that after inhaling?), things like that. The price is excellent, though! Can't beat free!

Paul M

I concur whith the previous reviewer on the timer. That being said I will give it 5 stars,it's a beautiful breathing app.

I need more seconds! Please make it up to 30!!! And all deepdivers are yours! Many thanks!

I need more seconds! Please make it up to 30!!! And all deepdivers are yours! Many thanks!

The best

I always use it. I totally recommend it

Very relaxing

A very simple but effective app. After just a few minutes of using the breathing guide I feel much less stressed and more relaxed yet, I have more energy. I like the sound effects too, but you can turn them off if you wish. A very useful app; I recommend giving it a try especially if you are feeling stressed, nervous, or anxious.


Good app; would like to see more uses.

Great way to pace your breathing

As a biofeedback practitioner I have been trying to find an app for my patients to easily pace their breath once we determine their resonant frequency of breathing. This app is simple and does the trick. The ability to choose different sounds would be a great additional feature and of course, tracking your practice would be neat, but for someone who is looking for an uncomplicated way to pace their breath at a pace they choose, this is just what you're looking for! Not to mention it's a great price...Free!

Not really Biofeedback

Also lacks info on breathing and protocols or recommendations on levels, however it is a good way to help you maintain a breathing pattern, I think it would be nice if it had a hold breath feature available too. I look forward to updates and to give it more stars. I still enjoy it, thank you. Good start!

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